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son of owen's cooking show

posted in 2013

Posted by vlorbik on June 7, 2015

owen’s cooking show
01/09/13 vlorbik’s scramble-fried eggs: how-to. pith & popcorn remembered.
01/10/13 for dishwasher pete… dishwashing ramble
01/11/13 kitchen-sink stirfry: also chicken-legs
01/13/13 the right tool…: all the arts are one art (beerglass ramble)
01/14/13 sizing up the competition: links list
01/14/13 spicerack closeup: unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs
01/16/13 all knowledge is found in fanzines: connie’s vietnamese salad (reprint)

02/03/13 first-ever fried drumstick: the next one will be better
02/13/13 two guys named ray, long ago. also potatoes.: 60’s & 70’s.

08/20/13 from the archives: mc-garry’s cooking show
08/31/13 cooking is a better fate than grading: “revenge” salad

12/15/13 the silence of vlorbik: blogging is hell


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