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may 2015 indexed (draft)

Posted by vlorbik on June 6, 2015

MEdZ may 2015
05/03 MEdZ 0.9 remix: colorized zine
05/05 louder and funnier: zine page; identification-map ramble
05/06 5/8 of MEdZ 0.3: rationals as slopes in the integer lattice
05/12: or flat the high four: five-string exercise
05/12 one ring to rule them all: cover art for {\Bbb Z}; conics plugged
05/13 stains into theorems: P^2(F_4) coloring book
05/17 i saw the figure 7…: popcorn manipulatives
05/30 replug: eli maor and an old precalc blog
Photo on 2014-07-05 at 12.01


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