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Posted by vlorbik on June 3, 2015

Photo on 6-3-15 at 2.01 PM

i’m posting the second the mouse- (and cursor-)
-torture kicks in. but, no. that’ll be, pre-
cisely, too late. because then it can be several
minutes or more of helpless-onto-screaming
frustration. but, you know. so far, so good.
where were we.

long on ranch, for one thing: foregrounded here
(on the door), with two large backups backgrounded.
& short on mayo, though you can’t tell that from this
shot (& anyhow’ll it’ll be remedied at the next
net-grosser delivery). the prize category is the
big stack of dead flesh: a large chicken allotment
sits atop a bunch of burger-meat which itself
sits atop a big slab of bacon. but wait. maybe
it’s all the fresh *produce*: i call particular
attention to the lemons, tomatoes, and peppers.
then there’s the french bread. and *more* bread.
and stuff not seen here. a great haul.
all or almost all due to madeline’s
grocery-getting skills. thanks, honey.

(posting now while still in a good mood.)


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