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eggs and b, hold the eggs

Posted by vlorbik on May 4, 2015

Photo on 5-4-15 at 1.21 PM

indeed, hold the toast. and by “hold it”
i mean “eat it for yourself and serve
the rest”. so madeline got homefries
and b (taters, onion, package-taco-sea-
soning; b obviously), whereas i had a
little of each plus a fried-egg sand
(eggs fried in baconfat, buttered toast,

the shot with lots of glass is “before”;
the other is “during”. and shows off my
“put little projects on flat surfaces
to be moved around the working area”
technique at work. and half an egg sand.
and some dirty dishes. the taters are
still in the pan.

Photo on 5-4-15 at 1.45 PM
i do the “surfaces” thing more generally
around the library but don’t have a shot
prepared. watch this space.


2 Responses to “eggs and b, hold the eggs”

  1. vlorbik said

    if i say “gold’ll buy more friends
    than chicken feed’ll”
    it might as well be

    but if it’s “camels can’t pass through
    a sewing needle”
    they treat me like i shot
    their favorite beatle.

  2. vlorbik said

    & grains’ll feed a lot
    more folks than meat’ll
    oh, twee, d’l-deedle-dee, d’l-dee,

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