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Posted by vlorbik on May 2, 2015

Photo on 5-2-15 at 2.32 PM

pancakes today (from a box;
add milk & egg; grill in a
buttered pan; serve with
maple syrup & butter).
bacon. ice tea (real;
she) & coffee (instant;
me), milked & sugared.
that’s it so far but some-
how there are a bunch of
*dishes* from other feedings.
also i colored in this sketch
(“desargues’ 2-triangle theorem“)
from one of my old “moleskin”
pocket notebooks. and scribbled
a remark about something i hadn’t
noticed before (one can “collapse
a [primary colored] triangle onto”
the [secondary-colored] “line at
infinity” to get a “fano diagram”
[aka “rainbow space”]). no, wait.
i lied. i also had some mozzarella.
grated-in-the-pack convenience store
brand, right out of the package like
the barbarian i am. we go through
quite a lot of cheese. in part
because it’s one of the few “real
food” items to be *found* at the
convenience. so-called.
Photo on 5-2-15 at 10.44 AM


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