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another one o’ them three-measuring-cup days

Posted by vlorbik on September 20, 2014

Photo on 9-20-14 at 3.43 PM

madeline’s been cooking up a storm:
sausage-pie for the two of us and
chocolate-peanutbutter fudge for
church tomorrow (still for “us”,
but in a broader sense… and,
of course, narrow-sense “we” get
the leftovers back, effendi).

me? more “open a can, drink down
like a beverage” than what i’ve
grown used to. i’ve begun my
biggest-ever grading load (here’s
Virtual MEdZ
). today’s recipe.

chefskill swiss-on-french
*toasted french bread, as thick as my thumb
*swiss cheese slices, as thin as a pencil
*mayo, info classified
slather, stack, serve.
serves one. at the desk.

(madeline had the rest of the
frenchbread toast, buttered.
also at the desk. a different
desk. but at the same time.
yay, our 4-slice toaster.)

getting back to work.


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