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no fork, no plate, no problem

Posted by vlorbik on September 11, 2014

Photo on 9-11-14 at 11.44 AM

eggs vlorbik

two eggs
much bacongrease
pepper (fresh-ground)

buttered toast

instant coffee, sugar, milk

remove bacon from pan; control
quality; drain for later BLT.
fill the best nearby coffeecup
& nuke it for two minutes. get
out the eggs. burner on “third”.
bust the yolks on arrival but
keep the yellow bit more or less
in the middle with some careful
touches of the turner. drop the
toast. when the bottom of the
eggpuddle gets hard, invert it
and put on the seasonings.
lower the heat. mess about
in the greater kitchen. last
night’s mixingbowls had home-
made soup & mac-cheese not
long ago. re-nuke the forgotten
coffeecup slightly & add the
ingredients. butter the toast.
lay little slabs of egg on with
the turner & (when cool enough),
shove it all in your mouth. chew.
swallow. repeat. serves one happy


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