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omit no happy hour

Posted by vlorbik on September 6, 2014

Photo on 9-6-14 at 5.48 PM

so far today? three colors of greenpepper
and some onion fried in pigfat and stirred
into packet spanish rice with a few baconbits
(breakfast) & then a couple potatoes sliced
as thin as i can if i keep a steady pace,
fried in pretty much the same pigfat…and
a BLT (toast & mayo, natch; 5 ingredients
all told)—lunch. meanwhile, the odd water
and icetea and powdered lemonade and coffee.
greek seasoning in the rice; taco powder all
over the taters. now, maybe, for some nearzero-
-prep junk! ritz, no topping! nah. popcorn,
maybe. or, heck. wait until i’m actually hungry
or something. *that’s* supposed to be a pretty
good trick.

all this is for two of us, i hasten to add.

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