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the framing problem

Posted by vlorbik on September 4, 2014

Photo on 9-3-14 at 7.48 PM

history of lemonade. post n+1.

half the lemon remains in the form
of a lemon-half (here in the photo
and now as i type; it’s now in the
reeferbox in a small lidded-storage-
-cup). the rind of the other half,
seen here behind the (measuring) cup,
still has most of the fibre-bundle
stuff that separated sections of pulp
rightly-so-called; the pulp itself
is in a mediumsized, currently
unlidded, storage-cup… and the
not-very-pulpy-at-all *juice* (of
half the lemon) is in the cup.

the technique… more or less obviously,
i imagine… is essentially the same as
the grapefruit-half eating style i’ll’ve
mostly learned from my older sister. we
even had special spoons on hand sometimes.
i just use a steak knife on the lemonhalves.

all for today.


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