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nothing to see here, move along

Posted by vlorbik on August 3, 2014

Photo on 8-2-14 at 8.53 PM

simultaneously much harder and much easier than it looks.
like nearly everything, i guess. they don’t call it
and roll.


One Response to “nothing to see here, move along”

  1. vlorbik said

    that’s nothin.

    gettin *good* now.
    (PS: not “good’ so much
    as, well, let’s see.
    i’ve achieved

    (“good” will come along.
    you know me: in another
    fiftyseven (57) years,
    i’ll’ve become

    in other news, fuck the
    fuckety fuck fuck fuck-you-forever
    fuck fuck fuckin

    i don’t do that to you.
    (don’t get me started.)


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