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king of the lists

Posted by vlorbik on July 21, 2014

Photo on 2014-07-19 at 22.07

the shelf is still right where i photographed it
but the books have all been moved to a new shelving
development. i’m lazy t’ *photograph* it just now,
so what you see here is it for tonight.

and, yes, i’ve actually *read* most of these…
several of them more than once and more than
a handful *out loud*. i haven’t kept up.
but for quite a while there, it was steve’s
america around here (and millions of people
knew it). to rival the sheer number-of-words-
-read in my life, you’d have to be isaac asimov
or something. the prize here is probably the
_green_mile_ set. all but one of ’em are firsts.


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