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first as tragedy, then as farce… lather, rinse, repeat

Posted by vlorbik on May 27, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-26 at 11.02

Photo on 2014-05-27 at 09.45

here for a moment is a display of
the “parody periodicals” file.
the last time but one that i ever
showed this to anyone it was much
smaller; now i’ve shown madeline
this very display… or rather,
something very close *to* it…
and it occurs to me to show it
off to the entire cooking show
readership. this is an amazing
work and a wonder, mostly by
the harvard lampoon over the
course of many years. i *don’t*
have their _life_ magazine parody…
the first such document i can
remember having seen… but i
snapped up the rest on sight
pretty reliably. there’s a
_not_quite_tv_guide lying around
here somewhere now that i think
of it. oh well. the _indiana_
_daily_studnet_ must surely be
the most obscure reference here;
guess the name of IU’s J-school
produced paper. also there’s
some shakespeare stuff. that’ll
still be there at the end of the
day when the parody periodicals
are back in their envelopes some-
where. there’s a double of the
_sports_illustrated_ so that goes
into one of the waterclosets with
the wow-what-a-wide-variety-of-
-magazines stacks. also some
clean dishes.


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