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arnoldizing syrup

Posted by vlorbik on May 25, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-25 at 09.49

cut off the end of the lemon
with the steak knife & squeeze
a little bit of juice into
the measuring cup. then take
the lemon in your weak (left)
hand with the cut at the top
and pulp the insides, still
in the peel, with the steak
knife (in your good [right]
hand). squeeze it all into
the measuring cup. scoop in
sugar liberally. three scoops
ought to do it. break out the
ice-tea and an ice-cube tray
(one has prepared trays half-
-full so that there are lots
of small cubes in a handful;
these chill the drinks better
so re-half-fill those trays
often for best results; one
tray fills a tostito’s jar
more or less).

put some ice and some tea
into a tostito’s jar (not
shown here but quite plenti-
ful here at cooking show HQ;
two virtues making ’em worth
saving are their wide mouths
and their liddedness [being
made of glass and found cheap
in every convenience store, full
of tasty salsa, *almost* went
without saying]). add in
a few goodly spoonfuls of
syrup. (optional: fish out
the damn seeds first.) fill
up the jar the rest of the
way with ice and tea; screw
on the lid and give it a good
shake. take a good refreshing
swallow. fine tune to taste.

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