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Posted by vlorbik on May 15, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-14 at 10.31

Photo on 2014-05-14 at 19.33

yesterday we walked down to the end
of the block and back. and i did
(at least) the two dishloads seen
here. other “cooking show” stuff?
mostly forgotten, i fear. i could
bring quite a bit of it back (as i
imagine), though. mostly it was
madeline making the elaborate stuff:
reverse-engineered redd-lobbsterr
style cheese-&-garlic buttery bis-
cuits, for example. no wait. that
was *two* days ago, i guess. the
dishes will appear here clean so
let’s count it. the *cookies*,
she did yesterday. i made her
a ham sandwich. some lemonade,
more or less obviously. and i cut
up the cooked-whole chicken some
more: the bones are all disposed
of now and the skins have mostly
been cracklin’ed down to greezy
crunchy fatpills of delicious
chickeny goodness. we’ve had some
chicken salad (on crackers and
in a sandwich) and some chicken-
-and-rice (“darkmeat” version,
with frozen peas and known-only-to-
-madeline seasonings and whatnot;
yum); of course i’ve nibbled on
the bones & had whatever those
delicious organs are that you’ve
got to dig out of the skeleton
with your pinkie (so that counts
as a third serving so far);
most of the chicken remains to
be consumed. i’ll probably have
the leftover ricedish thingum
soon for brekkie. anyhow, you
get the idea. all is well here,
eating my fool head off, hoping
you are the same. never tell
anybody anything. you get real
hungry all of sudden for no reason.


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