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sve to ide u Bjeli Zagreb grad

Posted by vlorbik on May 1, 2014

Photo on 2014-05-01 at 10.41

Photo on 2014-05-01 at 10.42

later today, deo volente, there’ll be salad.
here are some preps. the peppers were partly
cleaned when i found ’em so i’ve already dug
in (starting out the new bottle of thousand
island in the process); the rest is fresh
out of the refrigerator. no, wait. the ev-
idence is clear: i also tore off a cabbage
leaf and a (romaine heart) lettuce leaf that
were clearly not worthy to be served (in the
context of such an abundance of fresher stuff).
and here’s a better shot of the toaster i en-
dorsed somewhere upthread (and the rest of its
unsolicited product testimonial: this “waring”
model has two dimmer-switch “darkness” settings
for its four slice-holes… and the settings
*work* [unlike those on toasters that seem to
think they know better than i do what i want
and’ll spit some toast i’m trying to darken
right back up at me as if *i* ought to know
better… it’s maddening i tell you maddening
… these don’t do that: if i drop newly-toast-
ed slices back down into their hot slice-holes
for more toasting without readjusting the rheo-
stat, more toasting is what they darn well get
and if they’re burnt that’ll’ve been what i
ordered up so it’ll serve me right… like back
in the pre-digital age when the equipment served
the lifeforms]. bringing forth two freshly-
-toasted sandwiches simultaneously [with some
previously-prepared *side dish*, ideally…
today, you guessed, it, a salad most likely…]
is one of my best kitchen tricks [so far; i’m
slowly learning more]).

here for may first is billy bragg and
which side are you on?.

What all goes white v Zagreb?


One Response to “sve to ide u Bjeli Zagreb grad”

  1. vlorbik said

    Strudel, like strudel, in Zagorje and other parts of northwestern Croatian masculine.
    They put him in Zagorje soup that needs to harbor Fry bacon, carrots and mushrooms.

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