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Posted by vlorbik on April 23, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-22 at 20.01

Photo on 2014-04-23 at 07.12

the afternoon’s first-of-the-day load
included most of the glass… including
the new mason jar (that recently arrived
here full of spaghetti sauce)… and got
the cleanest dishwater. the jar is at
the far right (in front of one of the
[three] plastic pitchers… there’s
usually at least one of these in the
refrigerator, as this shot from
about last week suggests). the photo
shows the evening light; the dishes
had been sitting there for a while
by then and were dry.

and then there’s the second-of-the-day
load from several hours later, photographed
mere minutes ago in the morning light.
remarkable for showing the makeshift
drying rack (with the silverware on
it in front of the faded-dayglo green
counter-cover) for, i think, the first
time here.

meanwhile, grading. farey sequences
should be taught in elementary school.



3 Responses to “yesterday’s news”

  1. vlorbik said

    in other words
    0 1 1 1 2 1 3 2 3 4 1
    1 5 4 3 5 2 5 3 4 5 1.
    (what was i thinking.)

  2. vlorbik said

    you’ve got to leave room for all the scribbling.

  3. vlorbik said

    how does this thing work.

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