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Posted by vlorbik on April 18, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-18 at 07.42

here’s a pleasant sight first thing
in the morning: done dishes. i made
this shot (on the first take as usual…
this is journalism not high art after
all) while my first hotwater of the day
was getting zapped (i’m halfway down
the cup now [generic instant coffee
with sugar & half-&-half]). slowly
coming to consciousness. next:
wander around the house collecting
clothes & whatnot and getting dressed
and loading up pockets & pack and
making vague plans about how to spend
the rest of the day. closest first:
what’s for the busride? the pack will
have to have some *crosswords*.
there’s a folder for that. i don’t
need the “artwork” stuff. maybe a
mathbook: bogart. sure, why not.

so on. but the darn thing’s turned to
*fiction* now, not journalism. none of
this stuff has *happened* yet. meanwhile.
Vlorbik Predicts: i won’t get to *putting
away* all this glass stuff until i get
*back* from the campus run (noonish).
maybe i’ll know something about stirling
numbers (of the second kind) by then.


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