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dᴉlɔ ƃɐq

Posted by vlorbik on April 13, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-12 at 20.44

lemonade by the glass.
slice up half a lemon
a little thinner than you can
(if you can keep the slices nice
and round, they’re too thick;
we’ll be *skipping* the step
where you cut the little lemon-
-circle open [the “bartender
cut”; of course one then uses
the last cut to hang the lemon-
-circle on the patron’s glass]).
knock out all the seeds & squeeze
the pulpy parts against the inside
of a “tumbler”-sized glass. drop
in the rinds. cover liberally with
sugar (from the “diner sugar pourer”
that makes this task one-handed).
add in some water & as much ice as
will fit. stir with a chopstick.
serves one. (and a half; you can
add some more sugar & water when
you’re done… just be sure to
bang on those rinds good & hard
and don’t expect it to taste as
good as the original batch.)

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