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all three small glass mixing-bowls (first time ever)

Posted by vlorbik on April 5, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-05 at 10.34

from left to right (naming only
the glassware of the load at hand),
we have 1st sgmb, enormous punch bowl,
Lgmb, measuring-cup, 2nd sgmb, two
escalloped monkey dishes, 3rd sgmb,
big glass “milk” bottle. meanwhile,
i’ve had to move some stuff around
(in the “spice rack”, for example)
to accomodate all the new glass stuff.

3 Responses to “all three small glass mixing-bowls (first time ever)”

  1. definitely not the typical food (or adjunct) blog…happy for the continued presence

  2. vlorbik said

    hey, VV! it’s very good to “see” you!
    the net just ate three paragraphs
    of response and i should have been
    hurrying out of here when i wrote *that*.
    many talented and hardworking others
    have locked up the “typical” blog formats.
    dishwashing… much like grading papers…
    is ignored on a grand scale precisely
    *because* it’s done by *workers* not
    TV stars. the stuff nobody else wants
    to talk about isn’t the *only* interesting
    stuff… but it’s a good place to start
    in my opinion. checking out now
    while the getting is good. thanks
    again for commenting. death to “feeds”.

  3. I commented not too long ago but no telling if the bottle washed ashore. Just because I use the internet a lot doesn’t mean I trust itor or its platforms.

    Mixed feelings about feeds. By now I have so many on the reader that it’s almost like having none. But I ‘feed’ a lot of pages, social media, so they help. Useless for conversations though.

    Still doing math too?

    I’m still plugging away but unaffiliated and as an independent voice. Long story, short version: the new boss is the same old boss; being a team player on message suits me better anyway.


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