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son of owen's cooking show

juice of three lemons; water and sugar to taste. serve in tall glasses with ice (and straws).

Posted by vlorbik on April 3, 2014

Photo on 2014-04-02 at 22.01

also on today’s menu: leftover spaghetti
& chicken sandwich (toast, mayo, chicken…
the last of the whole chicken i cup up
upthread somewhere… lettuce, tomato).
later madeline thawed some of the frozen
chicken & made some noodles-&-veg dinner
to go around it. the extra sauce from
this, i’ve just mixed into some packet
spanish-rice. meanwhile, a can of chicken
noodle comfort-food (microwaved of course
and knocked down out of a big oversize
plastic mug like a beverage) and, let’s
see, some coffee of course (amazing with
half-and-half instead of mere milk).
and, oh, yeah. how could i forget:
“mock apple pie”. yes, you read it
here first… after umpty-blue million
years of reading about it on boxes
of ritz crackers, madeline one day…
a couple days ago now, i guess…
just up and *made* one. it’s great.
zap and slather with reddi-wipp.

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