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soup pot and cutting board with love and squalor

Posted by vlorbik on March 19, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-19 at 11.55

madeline’s been going double-time on food
what with lots of grocery shopping *and*
lots of homemade goodness like (1) last
night’s potato soup (with skins-on “rooster”
potatoes & plenty of other yummy fresh
ingredients that she even *cut up* with
no prep work by me) and (2) last night’s
“cherry desert” which is this cake-mix &
canned-fruit thing (secret ingredient: butter;
top with koolwhip for extra deep decadent
selfindulgent sensory overload) she’s done
variants on several times now. you can’t see
the pan for (2) here since it’s glass
(and therefore standing by for the glass
*load* that’ll probably take place late
tonight or early tomorrow or so).

i’ve just been grazing on leftovers (and banging down
instant coffee; lots of sugar; milk [but alas no more
half-and-half… i indulged myself earlier this week]).
there’s burgermeat to cut up (& freeze most of). also
tortillas so i’m thinking maybe some kind of quesadilla
action’ll be about right for this afternoons “eps”
(of columbo or of murder she wrote or of the next
generation or what have you) but there’s leftovers
of *two* kinds of soup as well as a little of
the beer-bread. and orange and yellow green-peppers
cleaned (with red and green green-peppers standing by).
so who knows. i might *not* do much more kitchen work
before the next ep of the cooking show…

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