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the peppers-&-sausage was a hit; later there was some pretty good stir-fry

Posted by vlorbik on March 12, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-12 at 14.55

spring break rocks. i’ve just been drifting around
the house “shelving”. this can include stuff like
taking a closet door off its hinges or fussing for
hours with the coins or the stamps or the games
or the maps. or even some individual book, some-
times. mostly it’s moving paper around. often
rather a lot at once, so it’s kind of physically
demanding. which is a good thing, don’t get me
wrong. it’s *leaving the house* that’s *psychically*
demanding, and “spring break” is the best chance
in a while to go for some major stay-at-home-itude.
anyhow, what shelving is *not*, is grading. you’ll
be reading about some of that in the blog next door
with any luck. what shelving *is* kinda like,
is washing dishes… particularly the “putting ’em
away” phase, of course, which typically even involves
actual *shelves*, but also in the “prepping’em for
the soapy-water” phase, which, now that i think
of it, has a sort of a “putting ’em away *for now*”
character (that’s unmistakably shelving-like),
or, for that matter, in the cramming-em-anywhere-
-they’ll-fit drainer-loading phase (whose results
i’ve been photographing whenever convenient),
which partakes of exactly the same character.
all the arts are one art. but some are more
grading-like than others.


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