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impossible things before breakfast

Posted by vlorbik on March 12, 2014

Photo on 2014-03-12 at 11.30

dish mountain, 3/12/14.

meanwhile one has grilled some sausage.
then some pieces of three (yellow, orange,
red) off-color green-peppers. then, what
the heck, some *green* green pepper.
hey, look! madeline left some cut-up onion
in this rubbermaid thingum. so i cut ’em up
a little finer and grill those too. by now,
the pigfat’s pretty well used up and i’ve had
to add some butter. anyhow, in the long run…
half an hour from now, say… it’ll all go in
the leftover “packet” spanish rice (and burger)
left over from a couple of other meals so far.
maybe the whole mess gets wrapped in a tortilla.
too soon to tell.

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