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the silence of vlorbik

Posted by vlorbik on December 15, 2013

happy holidays all around.  *please* don’t hesitate to write just because i ignored you year after year until you just got good and sick of the all-take-no-give nature of the correspondence;  these things happen in the best of families.  moreover, *nobody*… or so i guess… can afford to get *entirely* bah-humbug about the whole “love your neighbor” deal that characterizes true religion.  one sure as hell tires of *hearing* of it… particularly in the season singled out for yammering cluelessly *about* it (from the entities least qualified)… but, as all old people know, and the lucky young will soon find out, treating people as if they matter is the highest form of prayer (let “thanks” be “amen” and “yes please” become hallelujah).  of course i *do* love you more than i can say; of course i know it’s no good to anybody just *feeling* so.  that’s why we scratch out the assembly-line wish-you-were-here boilerplate every year, innit?  or maybe we’re all just secretly hoping the sun will come back and secretly afraid it won’t.  nobody said life was gonna  be easy.  well, they did, actually, but they were just trying to sell us something.  the thing is.  and i can’t stress this enough.  i’m not that hard to find.  and i’m in a “writing back” kind of mood for once.  death to facebook.  


6 Responses to “the silence of vlorbik”

  1. vlorbik said


  2. Anonymous said

    love you too, owen. hope you are well. couldn’t reach you on the cell number that I have for you. take care, arlene

  3. blahblah said

    niven-zuckerman-montgomery 5th

  4. Glad to see you’re still on earth. I hope you are well and happy. If you ever feel like talking to a not-quite-ex-wife I am at 469-0107.
    Love, Shauna

  5. blahblah said

    hey, psychosurgerypetsphotoplay! i don’t have a phone
    so it won’t be right away but heck yes you can expect
    to hear at greater length from your loving… and well,
    and happy…O.

  6. Are you still at Barclay? My email is brooklynsorceress@yahoo.com

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