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do not ask me again

Posted by vlorbik on January 4, 2013

click here.

you drooling moron.

you victim you.

get on board or sign on
for punishment drill.

thanks a whole lot… or, rather,
exactly as much as you deserve…
not at all… for your “help”.

you migt’z well’ve been my
fuckin *enemy* but… no!… then
youl’d’ve taken a *side*. so *fuck* you
fuck you fuck *you* and, ugh, *thank* you
since that means so much to you and your
ghastly unthinkable overlords.

beaten and bowed.

again and again and again.

still i rise.

so fuck you and your whole
belching-and-farting retard belief system.
and yes, i probably do mean *you*.

who do i fuck to get *out* of this chicken outfit.


6 Responses to “do not ask me again”

  1. bad days on the black rocks? problems w/ teaching situation? if so, damn don’t they know good math teachers who care about the subject don’t grow on trees?

    I’m spending week-end covering MLA 13 online (better than being there) for the multitudes who care but can’t afford the fare (I can’t but don’t care eitheri) … maybe a question of who do you have to get fucked over by too

  2. somebody else said

    something in the drug stack i think.

    meanwhile, classes start monday
    i i haven’t been assigned any duties.
    but this is quite in keeping with
    previous quarters (& semester;
    bigstate u switched over last fall).
    so i won’t allow myself to panic for
    about another week or so.

    i came here just now to *delete* this
    post, by the way… but now i’ll let it stand.
    thanks for your concern.

    i’ll be back with something less
    pissy and moany in the near
    or quasi-near future. or so
    i imagine.

  3. your last post was about being mugged so I was a bit worried. Owen’s Cooking Show, eh? I’ve been following a cranky Welshman (also ntt academic) with a blog named Splashing Vole, found my way there via Music for Deckchairs. I’ve been accused of following blogs for their names. There could be some truth to it… Gin and Tacos, Opiate of the Asses, for example. Antidotes to spending an afternoon following MLA convention on Twitter, which should knock some doing Dante time off the books.

    How is Genevieve? Do I have her name right? 


  4. somebody else said

    “gin and tacos” is a great blog, period.
    & it has a great blog *name*, sure.
    & the others you cite also have great names.
    but as to their contents i admit “i got nothin’ “.
    so maybe your accusers have their reasons.

    but probably it’s just the old “oh, i wish i had
    *time* to read____” (blogs or fiction or poetry
    or what have you… ) vibe. familiar to us all
    in this line of endeavor (i think) and too messy
    to analyze here.

    ah. well. there it is. it’s the *others* who
    are secretly indulging in morbid navel-gazing.
    *i* am getting “owen’s cooking show” together.
    & last night i made my first-ever omelette
    worthy of the name.

    & the trick is to learn washing dishes.

    & the *next* trick, i suppose, will be learning
    to *serve* more than i actually *eat*.

    madeline’s name is “madeline”, g-d bless her.

    “genevieve” is a mighty cool name too.
    but if i ever knew anybody *using* it,
    i’ve forgotten. which seems unlikely.


  5. somebody else said

    here, somewhat at VV’s urging, is a link
    to a paper i’m in the middle of even now.

    more likely to be of use to me myself,
    i fear, than to’ve spread the word
    of its existence to any other new readers
    (what she’s actually urged its readers
    to do on my reading of her post….
    or *whatever* it is or was… more in
    the nature of a “tweet” i suppose…
    in google+ [where i learned of its_1
    existence], if i read it_2 correctly).

    the passage
    Considering the current political climate and attack on education at all levels
    from neoliberal economic and political policies in our culture, there is little reason
    to believe it will not only continue but steadily worsen.
    presumably meant “every” reason
    rather than “little” reason.

    (or, of course [more likely?]
    “little reason *not* to believe…”)

    so what? careful reading got me *into*
    this mess, as far as i can tell…

    ah, well. long live the new faculty majority.
    (& may we someday begin even to thrive.)

  6. somebody else said

    it’s no god-damn wonder everybody on this god-forsaken planet is such an asshole

    the minute you admit
    you even *might* be wrong
    they eviscerate you laughing
    and hang what’s left up as
    an example for the others
    and expect to be *thanked*
    with your dying breath.

    and it would be mind-numbingly
    boring except that suffering
    actually hurts. so shut *up*
    you loonytoon or find out soon
    what *real* assholery is…
    there is always much more pain
    around every god-damn corner.

    will i be sorry i published this
    whining drivel? you bet. but if
    i *didn’t* publish, maybe i’d
    regret it even more. maybe *far*
    more. don’t like it? me neither.
    unsubcribe, i beg you.

    haven’t you got anything better
    to do? haven’t *i*?

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