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i’m talking to myself, you bastard

Posted by vlorbik on August 25, 2012

i can’t tell if anybody’s reading
and it’s way beyond frustrating.

but i keep hoping for feedback
from readers like some cargo-cultist
fishing in some dried-out hole.

to anyone reading in a “feed” or
e-mail; to anybody stopping here
and clicking around after finding
this site while searching for
something else: thanks. wow.
please believe i mean it.

nobody knows better than i do
how easy it is to find cool stuff
on the net; nobody knows better
than i do how uninteresting my life is.

anyhow, here’s the deal.
i quit forever if i don’t get
at least a goodly handful of
messages (comments or e-mails
or… best and least likely…
face-to-face contacts) urging
me to go on. some massive
outpouring on the order of
half a dozen or so.

i mean i quit *this blog*,
of course… suicide is for
braver souls than my own.
please don’t be afraid:
i’ll be annoying other people
in other venues for as long as
i have the power to do so.


i fought the obviously-
-unsustainable empire of
bigger-is-better and the
empire won. for now.
when it falls soon, i’ll
probably be dead of course like
almost everybody else. oops.
have fun storming the castle.

love always. V.

5 Responses to “i’m talking to myself, you bastard”

  1. suevanhattum said

    You already know I’m here, Owen. If there aren’t 5 others, I’ll be very disappointed.

    Perhaps I’m too Pollyanna-positive and need the negative pole you provide. I love it when you write. I appreciate your perspective. I would miss you if you stopped blogging.

    I am having so much fun with calculus. I hope it keeps up all semester.

  2. vlorbik said

    thanks. i wrote out
    a longer reply but
    couldn’t post it on
    “my” computer.

    this is no fun any more.

  3. somebody else said

    [here it is by the whim of the netgods]

    hey sue v.!

    maybe you’ll’ve noticed i haven’t
    offered to quit VME/MEZB…
    maybe that’ll be next (though
    i’ve tried & failed to quit
    *that* one before).
    anyhow, whatevah.

    you’re not my *longest-term*
    math-ed-blog contact but
    you’re very likely the one
    i’ve had the most back-and-forth
    with. in other words, yes, i
    “know [you’re] here”… and
    i intend to stay in touch.
    with or without this or any
    other blog.

    meanwhile, i’ve quite enjoyed
    your recent remarks (in MMW)
    about prepping your calc classes.
    i’m confident that *at least*
    a goodly handful of readers will
    find your remarks useful both
    as to procedure (useful “tricks”)
    and attitude (“math rocks; math
    *teaching* rocks; try ’em and see”).

    i’ll post this as soon as i get
    a chance. i’m not connected to
    the net as i type. my frustration
    is better imagined than experienced.
    but not thinking about it at all
    would be far better than either.

    warmly, O.

  4. Anonymous said

    you write like an angel. Keep it up.
    The Mad One

  5. don’t disappear… I missed you and your post a lot last time you did

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