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tails should not wag dogs & books should not read humans

Posted by vlorbik on August 5, 2012

i quit facebook. it was surprisingly easy.

(so far… there’ll be withdrawal symptoms,
you bet. but, e.g., quitting AOL reduced me
to a complete loss of cool [screaming at
innocent telephone boiler-room wageslaves
and whatnot; by contrast, there was very
little of the “tell me everything about
yourself that might help somebody sell
you something, or no dice” obstacle-course
stuff one has learned to take for granted].
make no mistake, for me it *is* an addiction
… or something so close that mere simile
[“it’s *like* an addiction”] feels like a lie.
for example, just as pounding down beer
and whiskey typically has a short-term effect
of gladness-to-be-alive and confidence-in-my-
-own-interestingness for a few hours,
followed by considerable wishing-*not*-
-to-alive and embarrassment-at-existing-
-at-all, so too does facebook participation
tend to instill in me a certain short-term
feeling of being connected to loved ones
and other interesting people… at the cost
of feeling *even more* lonely and *dis*connected
when the effect [soon] wears off. anyhow, fuck it.)


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