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while i was out

Posted by vlorbik on January 11, 2012

_this_brazen_teacher_ decloaked.
then she “streamlined” the blog.
it’s harder to look at now.

3 Responses to “while i was out”

  1. brazenteacher said

    I’ve had a friend tell me the minimalist theme is harder for her as well. Elaborate?

  2. vlorbik said

    well, it’s not *much* harder.
    but “more graphical” is the
    *opposite* of “minimalist” in my
    highly-biased-for-text mind.

    and scrolling down *is* easier
    than going back to the top menu
    and selecting posts one at a time.
    one is *already* scrolling down
    simply by reading the top post…

    i just don’t like using the mouse,
    i suppose.

    (well, actually i know it for a certain fact.)

  3. vlorbik said

    braze has evidently gone offline;
    one need a password or something.

    dammit. why, why, why?

    just another person i had some affection for
    that refuses to take my calls. maybe i should
    learn something.

    slaves of the net beg for more. fuck art let’s dance.

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