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not dark yet

Posted by vlorbik on June 3, 2011

you can’t *be* wise and famous.

anyway, not for long:
they kill you for it.
look at the god-damn record.
look at jesus. look at socrates.
look at john fucking lennon.
look at malcolm, look at gandhi,
look at martin fucking luther king.

it’s everywhere and everybody knows it.
speak truth to power all you want but power
talks back with violence not just words
and everybody’ll get behind the boss
without hesitation and swear it was
entirely your own god-damn fault…
what the hell did you expect?

good thing you’ll be dead by then.
the consolations of philosophy.

and now please let me say here as clearly
as i know how that *’i’m* not claiming
to have acquired any kind of wisdom…
that would be the height of foolishness.

i’m just sayin.


One Response to “not dark yet”

  1. someone. I'm not sure who at the moment said

    Your words have truth in them. Here is more truth. Did not those people you mentioned make lasting contributions to our world?

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