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a mouse has cut the wire. goodbye.

Posted by vlorbik on January 9, 2011

tweets from the MLA counter-conference (“the future of the university”) at the new faculty majority.

v. vaile’s adjunct blogs list.

OSU GESO has an event this week.

academic labor and the new paradigm of class politics (joshua kurz).

2 Responses to “a mouse has cut the wire. goodbye.”

  1. Z said

    What, you’ve quit? Or you are just not wi-fied at this time?

  2. vlorbik said

    hey, good to see ya! there’s some new stuff
    next door in the math-ed blog (MEdZ)…
    but yeah; i’m not net-capable at home these days and it’s demotivating.
    i don’t think i’m done posting here. but it might be a while.
    thanks for asking!

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