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origin of species

Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2010

MEdZ 0.9.1 pp. 2, 3.


4 Responses to “origin of species”

  1. Does this come before or after the other one we’ve been discussing?

  2. Oh my gosh. Are those cross-sections? Beautiful!

  3. vlorbik said

    these should probably go at the beginning.
    starting with an object as familiar as a cube
    is bound to be reassuring.

    there are seven “directions”
    from a marked vertex
    (“the origin”) to other
    vertices (because the cube
    has eight corners).

    these seven “directions”
    become the seven Points
    of P_2(F_2).

    the seven “cross-sections” JF
    refers to then become “lines”
    of P_2.

    the discussion sue refers to is here:

    @JF: beautiful? thanks! wow!
    i’m a total beginner with by-hand graphics
    at this level of precision. the trick
    is to believe you can do it and that
    it’ll be good enough. just like math
    or music. (& i’ll bet other arts too.)

  4. vlorbik said

    w’edia is good as usual on projective geometry. also finite geometry. one could spend days. don’t forget to come back here.

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