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trying again dammit

Posted by vlorbik on November 23, 2010

Photo on 2010-11-23 at 14.05

Originally uploaded by vlorbik

the camera built into legion (= my mac-book)

broke a few months back (or the software

decided to mess with me… what amounts

to the same thing). so i haven’t been posting

photos. but my office at Big State U has a mac

and it turns out i still remember how (to make ’em

and to post ’em in this rather clunky way).

what we have here… but what *belongs*

in MEZB (i *told* you it was clunky)… is

a picture of the theorem P_2({\Bbb F}_5) \equiv P_2({\Bbb F}_5)^*

(“the two-dimensional projective space constructed

on the field with five elements is isomorphic to its own

dual space”).

i put it in a zine recently (along with diagrams for

P_2({\Bbb F}_2) and P_2({\Bbb F}_7);

{\Bbb F}_3 is left as an exercise).

3 Responses to “trying again dammit”

  1. vlorbik said

    i didn’t put the extra carriage-returns in of course;
    cutting-and-pasting isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

  2. […] trying again dammit P_2(Z_5)11/23/10 perhaps *this* will refresh your memory P_2(Z_2)*11/23/10 now here’s […]

  3. […] 11/23/10 trying again dammit P_2(Z_5) 11/23/10 perhaps *this* will refresh your memory P_2(Z_2)* 11/23/10 now here’s […]

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