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lazy idle little schemer

Posted by vlorbik on September 24, 2010

i’m back at work slinging the math.
i’ve posted a few details in MEZB.


3 Responses to “lazy idle little schemer”

  1. Anonymous said

    Mathematics 366: Discrete Mathematical Structures 1
    Autumn Quarter 2010

    Owen Thomas MW 152
    Phone: 292-0244 (Office)
    704-4531 (Cel)
    Office Hours: TR 4:00-5:20
    (and by appointment)

    Catalog Number: 12901
    Course ID: 115508

    TR 5:30–6:48 PM
    University Hall 051

    Text: Discrete Mathematics with Applications, Susanna S. Epp
    (4th Edition; Brooks/Cole 2011 ISBN 0495391328)
    Sections Covered: 2.1–2.4… 3.1–3.4… 4.1–4.6… 5.1–5.4… 6.1–6.3… 8.1… 7.1–7.3

    Catalogue Description:
    Mathematical formalization and reasoning, logic and Boolean algebra; sets, functions, relations, recursive definitions, and mathematical induction; and elementary counting techniques.

    Prerequisite: Mathematics 132 or 152.xx
    Follow-up Course: Math 566

  2. vlorbik said

    quarter calendar

    carlson’s spring 09 notes

  3. vlorbik said

    \hskip1.7in Name: \null\nobreak\leaders\hrule\hskip10pt plus1filll\ \par%
    \centerline{Math 366}
    \centerline{Exam 2: November 4, 2010.}
    \vskip .5in

    {\bf 1.}
    Compute the sum: $\sum_{i=1}^3 i^3$.
    {\bf 2.}
    Prove by induction: $(\forall n \in {\Bbb Z}^+) 6|(7^n -1)$.

    (“For every integer $n$ greater than or equal to 1,
    six divides $7^n -1$”.)

    {\bf 3.}
    Prove that whenever $a$ {\bf mod }$6=3$
    and $b$ {\bf mod} $6=2$, it is also true
    that $ab$ {\bf mod} $6=0$.

    (Remark: this shows that the “Zero
    Product Law” $(a \not= 0 \wedge b\not=0)
    \rightarrow (ab\not=0)$ is false in
    certain number systems.)
    {\bf 4.}
    Prove that
    $(\forall x, y \in {\Bbb Q}) xy \in {\Bbb Q}\, .$

    (“The product of any two rational numbers is
    a rational number”.)
    {\bf 5.}
    Prove by contradiction that
    there is no greatest Real
    number less than 17.
    {\bf 6.}
    Prove that there is an odd integer $k$
    such that $k$ {\bf mod} $7 = 4$.

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