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Posted by vlorbik on May 20, 2010

pages from MEdZ #0.8…
the “K_4 — K_n remix”
issue. this provides a
wordless introduction
to the standard-binary-
algorithm (and its inverse).

everybody gets this pretty quick
that tries in my experience so
it’s a lot of fun to talk about.
which is what the “lectures
without words” series is *for*
in some sense. anyhow,
i’ve been having a blast
thrusting these on people
and then banging out whatever
little mini-lectures i can get ’em
to sit still for.

this is some of the simplest stuff there is.
in my pedagogy it’s *obvious* that you’ll
appeal again and again to the simplest
things so you might as well get used to
at least a few of ’em.

today i learn that the “i” of “the _i_ching_”
can mean “simple” as well as “change”.
now “ching” means something like “scripture”
(my source actually said “sutra”;
another way to say it would be
“classic text”). so on this model
the “sixty-four ways”… 000000
up to 111111… are “simple scripture”.

anyhow, an *introduction* to
simple scripture…
there are actually 4096 “readings”
possible for th’ _i_ching_, not just
64… and they’re not all equally
likely… so things get complicated
pretty quick (as you can generally
expect math problems to do).
just thought you should know.

the robot and the guy are doing battle.

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