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i’m not there

Posted by vlorbik on March 27, 2010

paul craig roberts signs off at reimagining economics.

10 Responses to “i’m not there”

  1. They don’t say who they are at this blog, though they look interesting. They mention a local conference, but not the city it’s in. Do you know more?

  2. vlorbik said

    i’m there now (it’s in columbus). a small handfull
    probably all knowing each other, plus me & th’ mad one.
    the org’ers are putting the media together as i type.

  3. vlorbik said

    “arawak city” is here.
    the arawak people were some of the first
    western-hemisphere natives encountered
    by columbus (the man). so some people
    uncomfortable with living in a city named
    for the symbol of the european conquest
    *renamed* us…

    this doesn’t appear to be very well known though.

  4. It’s a nice symmetry. (Although I think a better option would respect the land and its original people, and name your city after them, instead of people indigenous to the West Indies.)

    There were so many tribes in the area I live in, I don’t know which would apply to my neighborhood. About 6 miles south of here was Ohlone.

    I grew up in Western Michigan. I don’t know which tribes were where, but there were Ojibwa, Ottawa and Potawatomi in the lower peninsula.

  5. p.s. the conference sounds exciting. please fill us in when it’s over.

  6. vlorbik said

    great bunch of folks. brimming with ideas
    and hope and all that good young-person stuff.
    hacker skills too. stuff like that. the presenter
    was more in our age range and we… madeline
    & i… had a *very* enjoyable conversation with
    him later… another crazily-well-read nonstop
    talker like myself & the buddy that sent me
    his way in the first place…

  7. vlorbik said


  8. vlorbik said

    R-I E fliers
    (re-imagining econ).
    my hardcopies are
    6panel jobs; a regular
    sheet folded in thirds
    the short way. good
    stuff too for the most
    part: “economics”
    becomes quite interesting
    when the Big Lies are
    factored out…

  9. About 25 years ago, I went to a People’s Economics Seminar. It was good stuff, but (ironically) what I remember is being bummed that they weren’t progressive enough about how to do education. Too much lecture left me antsy…

  10. vlorbik said

    manual backlink:
    thanks for the nod, sue.

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