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guaranteed to raise a smile

Posted by vlorbik on March 22, 2010

twentieth anniversary of u. of bridgeport faculty strike.


3 Responses to “guaranteed to raise a smile”

  1. Vanessa said

    indeed it does… are you going to share with adj-l or wait to see if anyone thinks of it on their own?

  2. vlorbik said

    for all i know i *got* it there… but nah.
    i’ve participated rather a lot for me lately
    i guess but just don’t feel myself a part
    of it really. most of it’s chatter of course…
    not a problem for me as long as people
    who obviously *get it*… vaile, berry,
    bousquet, several others… come up
    with some actual knowledge or
    experience to talk about instead
    of spinning fantasies about, i guess,
    how to be ready for certain conversations
    that never seem to arise: what “should”
    be “our” “position” on some “issue”
    god save the mark. i mean we all do this
    but it oughtn’t to be the *point*, not for long,
    unless we’re drafting some particular
    *document* or something… and actual
    publishing looks like the last thing on
    a lot of people’s minds up in there
    just so it’s in MLA *style* or whatever
    the corporate overlords are dictating this
    season it gets wearisome i tell you finding
    that our brethren and sistern are sometimes
    more inclined to look for leadership in
    how to follow leaders than run up the
    jolly roger and dance like revolutionaries.
    anyhow, a point i intended to get around to…
    and it really begins to look like i *will*, too…
    i just don’t feel *qualified* to post alongside
    the good, well-informed, experienced,
    actual-point-making posters that make
    the list so worthwhile for me and am
    kind of embarrassed to consider that
    for a random adj-l reader, i’m gonna
    look as much like filler as they probably
    do to me. anyhow, it’s got a push-not-pull
    quality to it where blogs… in my idealized
    blogosphere anyhow… are much the opposite.
    (“feeds” kicked me out of *that* fool’s
    paradise soon enough).

  3. Vanessa said

    I appreciate your posts and think adj bunch needs the leavening and perspectives of those not teaching in the humanities. I want to see more action too, more what to do instead of what’s not right (we already know that) and less pushing for position in an imagined hierarchy that seems to mirror the ones we’re supposed to be trying to get rid of. Like any other specialized rag, mag, group – after a while (too soon) topics recycle. Deja vu all over again.

    Anyway thanks for the Bridgeport link. Something more interesting (not to mention exemplary) to write about than the usual.

    I figured out back in grad school that “academic solidarity” is an oxymoron. Too bad… we’re the majority, we could shut the system down, throw wooden shoes in the works they be years removing the splinters.

    Instead I catch flak for post information sourcing the Socialist Worker even though it was the best coverage of what I was writing up.

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