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Posted by vlorbik on March 8, 2010

copies of 0.1, 0.6, and 0.7
(aka \Bbb N, K_n, K_4)…
all three to each, sort of like
a K_{3,3} (“utility problem”)…
to jenna, jerianne, and JND
(of JND pseudozine). got the
addies outta zine world,

you can get *your* set of the same three
for three bucks cash or… save! save! save!…
seven 42\cents stamps to
owen thomas
p.o. box 9679
columbus oh 43209


3 Responses to “posted today”

  1. vlorbik said

    cut-and-pasted by my hand
    (and a worldwide network of
    doomed infrastructure; pay
    no attention to the man
    behind the usual legal jargon)
    this wha lady wha; v’k his mark:


    March 10, 2010 at 6:49 pm
    it has come to my attention…
    no thanks to any of *you*…
    that a 42\cents stamp
    costs 44\cents.

    okay, so you *don’t* save.
    let’s make that: *six* stamps.

    be the first on your block… or anywhere *in* this
    benighted universe other than some robots thinking
    my name is “occupant” or something… to cause
    something to appear in my shiny new p.o. box!

    shave! shave! shave!

    (going back to addressing envelopes now…)


  2. vlorbik said

    both timestamps are wrong from where i sit more or less of course.
    trust no one.

  3. vlorbik said

    they *are*, and this is *utterly* of course…
    but can we be *sure*?… evidently in synch
    (it’ll’ve been about half an hour between
    the original comment in MEZB and the
    first entry of this comment thread).

    wasn’t i supposed to be addressing envelopes?

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