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forced to participate in the games of life

Posted by vlorbik on February 12, 2010

paul porter and sarah layden recently announced a project called the new adjunct.

this is by no means an endorsement; it looks like more
of the adjunct advocate‘s “embrace our doom”
i-for-one-welcome-our-robot-overlords kowtowing.
at a glance. just, you know, a potentially interesting development.

i’ve had the devil’s own time getting this post up.
it’s gone through several rewrites. none of ’em long.
i just kept screwing up the links and making a mess.
in a highly unusual development, i’m reasonably sure
that the whole thing was entirely my fault.


3 Responses to “forced to participate in the games of life”

  1. most if not all adjunct nation’s newly added adjunct blogs to some extent have that same embrace doom quality to them. i can think of other expressions. it might be instructive to look to advertisers’ list

  2. vlorbik said


  3. Vanessa said

    that’s what i said in more words ~ i do that, a failing of mine and possibly the wages of, if not sin, then early abandonment of maths (as the limeys are wont to call it)

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