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Photo 112

Posted by vlorbik on February 5, 2010

Photo 112

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2 Responses to “Photo 112”

  1. jd2718 said

    Looks like the “books” I make my hs kids make as projects, except not colorful, and with better content.

  2. vlorbik said

    then the “*you* can do it!”
    vibe is coming through
    loud and clear; good.

    i learned the imposition
    for this “book”… i call ’em
    “zines” (zeen not zyne)…
    by experiment: fold a
    piece of paper over and
    draw where the pages go;
    unfold and have at.
    now that i know how to
    find ’em on the web,
    watch out.

    both sides of a sheet of typing paper,
    folded, trimmed, and stapled,
    make an eight-pager like this one.
    and people just *have* to look.
    “what the heck is *this*?”…
    and before they have the chance
    to get all “oh, yick, math”
    there’s a shot at
    “*this* looks sort of

    i’ve never assigned zinemaking
    but i’d darn sure like to try.
    i’d show ’em how i laid out
    my boring old “folios”
    (i’ve actually given this part of
    the lecture at a SF/comics con
    where i was a panelist on i forget
    what panel with some comics guys)
    first because it’s just hard
    enough to be interesting.
    then “quartos” like this and
    the “octavo” format i’m actually
    working in this past few weeks.

    then i’d tell ’em that the grade is
    almost entirely about “content”
    but that of course it would please
    me to see some creativity in the
    production techniques and whatnot.
    and i’d keep talking “math math math”
    while thinking “zines zines zines”.
    i’ll bet i’d see some amazing stuff.

    the medium is indeed the message
    to a certain extent here just like
    that canadian whacko said it was
    (in various media but mostly in
    good old-fashioned print for some
    reason… maybe his message was
    really “i’m a college professor
    and reading is my life”).

    no use publishing anticomputer screeds
    almost daily for years in computer media,
    say i, without at least a glimpse of some
    *alternatives* to these crazy expensive
    unsustainable ephemera, webpages.

    better to light a single candle
    than to curse the darkness.
    (… but why not *both*?)

    what’s more… any luck…
    students might take the “content”
    more seriously. as if it’s actually
    designed to be *read*.

    one gets first drafts of calculations
    handed in all the time…
    “why should i redo it?
    *you* know what i mean!”

    (but it isn’t *beautiful*!
    how can it be *finished*
    if it isn’t even in *english*
    yet? bang head on desk…)
    i’m not *against* color and even have one
    new zine *in* color (the “teacher’s edition”
    to N). but B&W goes for 5\cents
    a side down by campus somewhere…

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