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dekist’s hot shelves

Posted by vlorbik on February 2, 2010

bible stuff, a shakespeare, books about books, math, and various reference and mostly-lit-but-quasi-random. there’s a *lot* more math stuff in the library here, natch, most of it downstairs. most of the dovers are at madeline’s though. i’ve been spreading around drafts of three different micro-zines. once you’ve made *one*, of course, the goal becomes to fill a *whole shelf*. it’s in delany somewhere i think.

One Response to “dekist’s hot shelves”

  1. somebody else said

    these shelves have been safely moved yet again
    (dekist, indy, indy again, evansville, barclay, here:
    five fenceposts that i know about). currently holding
    up lots more shakespeare, some comics, lots of maps,
    some foreign language, a few other categories… and
    a lot of outright *unsorted* stuff. the math’s
    mostly all over in the luxurious fourth bedroom.
    bricks-and-boards, natch.

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