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be very afraid

Posted by vlorbik on January 16, 2010

teach for america in th’ atlantic monthly.


5 Responses to “be very afraid”

  1. I remember reading the Teach for America data in a real journal (not a stand-up for a company like Pearson and McGraw Hill) and here is what they found:

    1. Lower levels of teacher retention – most quit after two years versus the six years
    2. More parent complaints discipline referrals
    3. Higher rates of HR complaints (which I think comes from the TFA entitlement mentality)
    4. No significant difference in student achievement levels

    I wish I had printed off the article. I read it while working on my master’s degree. This type of article is very scary indeed.

  2. vlorbik said

    this isn’t “business” thinking
    taking over academics anymore.

    these guys are the *military*
    and a low-level officer’s job
    is to show the enlistees how to die.

    and you’re with ’em or against ’em
    so shut up unless you wanna be next.

    when you can’t get basic services
    without a platinum card in a “service
    economy”, *everybody’s* broke
    and “look at this useless teacher
    over here doing a merely adequate
    job, according to criteria designed
    by her enemies, for eighty grand
    a year” is thinly-disguised hate speech.
    (but then, i paraphrase out of context;
    got *another* take?)

    the surest way to make any real money
    around here is to *fire lots of americans*
    and it’s way past time some more
    politicians started admitting it’s a problem.

    i’d mention money-lenders and temples
    but we all know where that leads.
    (& i’m still hoping to get the hemlock instead.)

  3. You’re really good at cutting through the b.s. — even the b.s. that I find myself excusing/falling into.

  4. vlorbik said

    there’s a thread with cagle on this stuff in my facebook.
    i’ll lose track of it soon of course.

  5. vlorbik said

    TMAO is… um… more nuanced.


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