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examine other beauties

Posted by vlorbik on January 10, 2010

romeo (leonard whiting) and juliet (olivia hussey) are shirtless in a shot from this preview of franco zefirelli’s eyecandy masterpiece (1968). the shot’s at about 1:34 on the CD and reveals that r is shirtless down to his heels (and j, fleetingly, to below the chest).

2 Responses to “examine other beauties”

  1. vlorbik said

    r is shirtless (to the nipple) in the same scene
    of the CDW version (bbc’s “complete dramatic works”).
    j is covered by bedclothes (but *presumably* shirtless).

    i get a scrollable copy with madeline’s n’flix subscription
    for free online. amazing. start at about 1:48 for the

    alan rickman plays tybalt;
    john geilgud appears briefly as chorus.

  2. vlorbik said

    who is so gross that cannot see this palpable device?
    yet who so bold but says he sees it not?
    –scrivener (rich. iii III.vi)

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