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now wait for last year

Posted by vlorbik on January 1, 2010

new blog: the livingston review (of zines).

JD recently spotted some pieces in AFT’s american educator by hirsch and wu… favorite ed-warriors of mine.


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  1. jd2718 said

    You like Hirsch? I have mixed feelings. Maybe a little guilt over liking a good chunk of what he writes.

  2. vlorbik said

    this review by me of hirsch’s
    the schools we need in the monthly (april ’98)
    was highly favorable. naturally there was some reaction,
    which led to my time served in the MATHEDU
    listserv (where i watched people rail at each other
    and sometimes railed myself; not a *complete*
    waste of time but close enough until one
    came along).

    hirsch is right that “cultural capital”
    is or should be the name of the game.
    everybody “should” have the same access
    to the *liberating* quality of learning
    what “everybody knows” (who’s got
    any class): high culture is fun and easy.
    this is impossible in schools
    designed for teaching people their
    place in society (since this is usually
    the *bottom* or near it by nature’s law:
    the poor you always have with you).

    “the schools we need” is for me a proposal
    that we try to be honest about this.
    whether hirsch has gone on to do so
    i don’t have an informed opinion about.
    sure i was disappointed when they rolled
    out a library of “do *this* in first, *this*
    in second, and *this* in third grade”;
    this looks like a sure recipe for turning
    into another set of bosses’ buzzwords.
    but i haven’t looked and don’t care.

    parents looking for some list of moves
    that’ll protect their kids from the passage
    of time *will* be pandered to by “industry”
    (and even more so by “government”).
    i’m tired of it god knows but my dad did
    it so it financed much of my own education;
    the guilt is damn near paralyzing.

    that graduate education… of *any* kind
    not just in the *field* of education…
    consists largely of learning the right
    *attitudes* would be obvious if our
    livelihoods weren’t involved…
    witness thirteen gazillion lawyer jokes.
    presenting this as some sort of outrage
    to be overcome is probably a better move
    for marketing than for effective
    political action. so hirsch bashes
    ed schools and naturally schools bash back.
    ho-hum i guess if it wasn’t so distracting.

  3. vlorbik said


  4. vlorbik said

    ian shires & erik hendrix announce _nexus_

  5. vlorbik said

    an inspiring “bottom-up approach” by KTM allison:
    hire h. wu (himself) for an institute in MN.

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