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Posted by vlorbik on December 31, 2009

madeline made bread.

there’s nothing in the world
like fresh bread. mmm-mm!
i was barely in the kitchen at all
for the whole process but from
time to time various thoughts
about fresh bread drifted around
through my considering-apparatus.
dominant among them dorothy stewart’s
brown county loaves. dorothy was
a dear friend to our whole family.
she made much the most homemade
bread strictly-so-called that *i*’ve
ever had and boy it was good.
when i was little i wanted plain
old grocery store air bread but
i got over that. probably around
the time i found out i liked pizza.

anyhow when the loaves are cooled off
i bring one into the TV room along
with knives and butter. but first
of course… never mind the butter…
i break off a nice crusty piece
and have at. boom. i’m back just
like that in zagreb across from
the school where there was a little
shop where usually i’d get a
lollipopish thingie costing, like,
a couple dinars or something…
about a tenth of cent US at that
time… but would sometimes splurge
on a small loaf… or big roll…
tasting *just like this*
wonderful stuff right here.
and i’ve got impressions in here
of both buildings and the street
that separated ’em and the gravel
of the school courtyard and the night
jasna got knocked out cold on the gravel
somehow (and took quite a while to come around)
and of other more playground-like goings-on
in sight of that store (though nothing
much of its *inside* at all). mainly, though?
the taste of bread. just like back in zagreb.
gee it’s good.

now this is the strange part:
it wasn’t until *after* i’d started
drafting a blog post (still in
my considering-apparatus you
understand) that i thought
of proust. imagine that.


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