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guerrillas in our midst

Posted by vlorbik on December 7, 2009

new cagle drawing in f’book.
bob samuels on u. cali in ihe.


One Response to “guerrillas in our midst”

  1. vlorbik said

    /* f’book thread */

    Mike Cagle
    Re: the gorilla. Do you remember a silly-but-fun (and short-lived) DC Silver Age comic called Angel and the Ape? With very nice art by the underappreciated but really good cartoonist Bob Oksner? The Ape in that comic, Sam Simeon, was sort of my rough inspiration. Not knowing how to draw a gorilla, I used that as my starting point. Just a little trivia only you would appreciate!
    Mon at 11:02pm

    Vlorbik Kibrolv
    i remember that there *was* an “angel and the ape” but that’s about it. it’s a little more troubling that i can say the same about bob oksner. i’ve just looked around and seen some. sure enough. one of those polish-without-flash guys that don’t get noticed. good inker too. there’s a wikipedia article. but don’t miss this.
    Yesterday at 7:00am ยท Delete

    Mike Cagle
    ha ha! Funny. I remember those covers but never thought of interpreting them that way. Oksner was very good at drawing pretty girls, though. His was the best version of Supergirl, I think.
    Yesterday at 8:31am

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