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Posted by vlorbik on November 27, 2009

you can buy my numbers, sets, and logic notes
as a .PDF download for five bucks.
i get three seventyfive.
then you print it out on your own equipment
at your own expense. it’s got a few scribbles
on it by me from when i used the copy i zapped
as lecture notes literally and it breaks off
in the middle before you get to the best part.
so it’s hardly ready for public consumption at all.
still at the price of an elaborate greeting card,
these’ll make great gifts for everyone
on your list especially me. be advised
that in my holiday exuberance you can
also read it for free.
when the beta version rolls out
this feature will be cut. probably
i’ll deny i ever did it too.
something comes over people
when they start selling and i
don’t see why i should be an exception.

3 Responses to “spam”

  1. vlorbik said

    new email. having a girlfriend is great.
    hardcopy (cover only) signed over to
    madeline this twentyseventh day of
    november twenty-oh-nine of the
    xian era by vlorbik his mark. wow.

    from: scribd
    title: you have a sale

    “Your document “Numbers, Sets, and Logic (fragment)” has been purchased for $5.00.
    The total earnings to date for this document is $3.75
    Remember, you can always fine-tune which notices you receive here, or opt-out completely here.
    Scribd Inc. 539 Bryant St Suite 200, San Francisco CA 94107, USA”

  2. vlorbik said

    selfpublishing services.

  3. vlorbik said

    i never got paid.
    also the pages fail to appear
    or, what might be worse,
    have their symbols mangled
    when they *do* appear.
    nothing is easy.
    but to really foul things up
    requires a computer.

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