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2 Henry VI, IV.vii

Posted by vlorbik on November 24, 2009

everybody always cites, the first thing
we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
but the scariest thing in cade’s rebellion
as presented in shakespeare for me is
“burn all the records of the realm.
my mouth shall be the parliament
of england.”.

because, like i keep tellin ya.
it’s a hardcopy holocaust out there
what with everything being turned into
bits and pulp and landfill.
libraries closing or turning into
data processing stations.
entire university departments…
life support systems for libraries…
being sent to retraining by
human resources zombies with
really good benefits packages.
shred your records at the earliest
opportunity was the law of the land
where *i* was last employed
and i don’t think it’s unusual.
cf whatever rant i posted a while
back about paper bank checks disappearing.

this is how “populist” dictators win.
democratic kampuchea probably the
textbook case of “purge the intellectuals”
but they all do it. it’s farenheit 451
all around us every day so dig it please
and hoard whatever books you think
anybody might want to get a look at later.

5 Responses to “2 Henry VI, IV.vii”

  1. Sue said

    Philadelphia is the only library system I’ve heard of closing. That’s shock enough. It ought to be among the big news items. But are there others?!

    I was recently asked if I’d considered putting the book I’m working on online. Well, yeah, but that’s sure not my favorite option. I want it in the hands of people who don’t inhabit these crazy realms. I want parents and elementary teachers across the land to pick it up and think … “Hmm, maybe math isn’t so bad…”

  2. kibrolv said

    philly’s had a reprieve evidently.
    rory litwin (longtime internet library guy)
    wrote about it here.

    mostly as far as i know it’s branches.
    but actually services. it’s the archival
    service that concerns me most though
    of course actual *access* to the
    documents also concerns me
    considerably… public money for
    anything that doesn’t directly
    serve some immediate financial need?
    not a good climate without
    a whole lot more acting up.

    the unis in cali are getting a
    wakeup call maybe.
    the kids are alright.

  3. kibrolv said

    as for books online.
    some part… probably
    quite a large part…
    of the distribution for the near future
    will very likely be handled online.

    but we need hard copies to wave around
    when we talk to crowds and to post
    pictures of in the webpages and
    hand out and sign and gather dust
    in our garages. and these are
    the actual product. the rest of this
    stuff is like radio. (that you can
    print out your own copies of
    and pass the savings along to…
    god knows where…
    but just maybe in some small portion
    to the actual creators of the documents
    so sure don’t get me wrong i love it
    like everybody else… just let’s not
    take our eyes off the actual
    hurtling-matter-in-3D *ball* here;
    this ain’t beanbag.)

  4. kibrolv said

    nick lally feeds cali.

  5. sue said

    Hey Owen,

    I still haven’t figured out how to automatically see all the comments on other folks’ blogs, so I just got back here. Thanks for pointing out the denoument re Philly’s libraries. I added that info to my post about it. (In a comment…)

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