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It’s Been Too Long Since We Took The Time

Posted by vlorbik on November 22, 2009

This just uploaded PDF is the end of my decade-spanning quest for a procedure for putting pages, written and typeset by me on my own computers, onto the web with my own computer. The tables are very ugly. This is because I had to kluge ’em together by hand with no prior knowledge of how it’s really done, just to get something on the page. I was using plain TeX. It appears that LaTeX will have solved many of my problems. So I’ll have to learn the new ways and redo all my tables to reuse the files for my lecture notes from Dominican.

Meanwhile, I’ll experiment with TeX right here in the blog.
3 \otimes_7 4 \equiv_7 5.


One Response to “It’s Been Too Long Since We Took The Time”

  1. kibrolv said

    topological picturebook (geo. francis) on scribd.

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