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Posted by vlorbik on November 21, 2009

my old lecture notes appear still to be online somehow.
on the barricades at ucla.

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  1. kibrolv said

    john spencer interviewed.

  2. ha ha! I didn’t know anyone had read the interview.

    I enjoyed reading your lecture notes. It was a fascinating take on aspects of mathematics that rarely seem to get attention. It almost had an edgy, critical pedagogy aspect to it. I could easily picture getting into a dialog about power and class and the number system and the ways in which “math language” reinforces a specific, objective worldview and the power systems within it.

  3. kibrolv said

    wow thanks. “critical pedagogy” it is too…
    i wrote it to supplement “standard” treatments
    of some of its material because *none* of ’em
    had it anything like *close* to right.
    “hugely more expensive than necessary”
    would be bad enough but one can put up with it;
    “way harder to understand than necessary”
    finally gets to be too much for anyone
    fool enough to want to believe his own sermons.
    “edgy” is just something that happens i guess.

    my (freshly-TeXed-&-pubbed) glossary
    might very well be the best possible short
    statement of my “teaching philosophy”.
    it was designed to serve as part of the *index*
    to the notes you’ve already read so you’ll
    probably follow most of it pretty easily.
    i’ve aimed at a literate general reader.

    DIY math… for when the net goes down.
    our medium is handwriting.

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