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Posted by vlorbik on November 5, 2009

i voted on tuesday weirdly enough.
happened to be walking past the
polling place and there was a guy
waiting for somebody to give
a flier to. what the heck, there’s
no two-hour line like there was
when i gave up all faith in the
-we-take-all-your-stuff process.
i’ll go see if i’ve been purged.
and i hadn’t. so i went.

never again. what but an
electronic interface that
doesn’t fucking explain itself
and you’ve marked your ballot
and it won’t let you go.
i tried to leave but of course
that’s illegal. the guy
who comes around and
*looks right at* what you’ve
been doing isn’t allowed
to actually push the fucking
buttons. naturally he can’t
work it either and has to
try several times just to
record the transaction.

it’s over. we lost.


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